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Display your car inventory on Facebook

Social Media technologies are changing the way dealerships interact, communicate and do business with customers. These evolving networks are essentially today’s “word-of-mouth” advertising. Websites like Facebook allow dealerships to be discovered, referred and critiqued by literally millions of users. With 500 MILLION active users, Facebook is the largest social networking site on the planet. So how do you harness this power to sell additional cars at your dealership? The answer is!

All you need to get started is to create a Facebook business page for your dealership and then to MAXIMIZE your presence on Facebook, we offer our AutoShopper Facebook Application. We will enhance your Facebook page by directly embedding your vehicle inventory on your Facebook page. Users can not only interact with you but can also shop right on your Facebook page! Sell your car right on Facebook and reach more people through this exciting new social media.

Join our growing list of dealers and empower your facebook page to display all your vehicles with our newest application!

With no startup fees and no contracts, plus free daily feeds to other venues like Google, Aol Cars, Vast, Oodle etc., how can you afford not to join Take advantage of this amazing opportunity today!

Our Facebook Application Allows You To...

  • Display Your Inventory on Facebook to Help Extend Your Brand.
  • Build Your Customer Base and Sell Additional Cars
  • Display Your Inventory, Photos and CARFAX Data to Engage Viewers.
  • Add, Update & Stream Your Inventory From Our AutoPilot Inventory Manager Directly To Facebook In Real-Time.
  • Search Filters Allow Facebook Users To Find Specific Vehicles Quickly.
List Your Inventory On Facebook


  • Venice Lincoln - Venice, Florida
  • All Seasons Auto Sales - Largo, Florida
  • Venice Nissan - Venice, Florida

Existing customers, please contact your sales representitive today for more information. New customers, call 1-800-367-1723 to get started today!

Facebook Application Setup For Business Pages

Adding our Facebook application to your business page is a very simple process. Simply call your sales representitive to activate your account for use with Facebook then follow the steps listed below.

Please note, our application will only work on business pages. Our application will not work if you have a standard account that you named a business name. Click here for more information on how to setup a business page on Facebook.

Facebook Application Setup Step 1
Step 1
Click here to go to our Facebook application page, once there click on the gear/cog icon to the right of "Go To App" and select "Add App To Page"

Facebook Application Setup Step 2
Step 2
Select the page you want to add the application to from the dialog box then click the "Add Page Tab" button to close the box.

Facebook Application Setup Step 3
Step 3
Return to your business page and click on the "Current Inventory" icon under your cover photo. Your setup is now finished. If the Inventory link does not display, see the instructions below to add the inventory link.

Displaying The Tab On Your Business Page

Once you have completed the steps above, the "Current Inventory" icon should display under your cover photo. Please follow the steps below if you are still having a problem with the icon not displaying on your business page.

Step 1
Locate the icons displayed under your cover photo. Click on the down arrow to the far right of your icons.
Facebook Current Inventory Tab Step 1

Step 2
Once you click the down arrow, all available applications will display. Since Facebook only allows 3 or 4 applications to display at a time, you must swap positions with an app that is currently displaying (any app on the first line). Hover your mouse over the app icon you want to swap and click on the pencil icon.
Facebook Current Inventory Tab Step 2

Step 3
Select the AutoShopper Inventory App to complete the process.
Facebook Current Inventory Tab Step 3

Need To Setup A Facebook Business Page?

Click here if you need to create a business page on Facebook. For the best results, choose the option to create a page for a brand, product or organization then select "Website" from the drop-down menu. Follow Facebook's instructions to complete your page.

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