Used Hatchback - 2009 Honda Fit Sport in Bayville, Nj

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    About This 2009 Honda Fit Sport
    Vehicle Location:
    Bayville, Nj
    Body Style:
    Exterior Color:
     Blackberry Pearl (Blue)
    Interior Color:
    1.5L I4
    Four Door
    Stock Number:

    Fuel Economy Estimates
    City MPG
    Fuel Efficient Vehicle 30+ MPG
    Highway MPG
    Combined MPG: 30 - Efficient 30+ MPG
    Estimated Monthly Fuel Cost: $78.75*
    *Based on $1.89 per gallon and 15k miles per year.
    Actual costs may vary.
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    Seller's Description and Comments:

    We are very proud of what we do at our facility at RPM Auto Sales. Our motto is no one is a customer but, everyone is a friend. We see all of our customers as friends first, then we try to fill their vehicle needs as we would a friends. In this way of thinking, we have made all of the people who come to Rpm for their vehicle needs happy and have received countless referrals from them as well. We take care of all of the police, fire and town employees locally and enjoy doing so. We help people across the country with our online presence as we deliver vehicles right to their door. We help local charities with donations that assist them to accomplish their needs to help those less fortunate. Rpm is a family owned business who wants nothing more that to grow our business while making our friends happy in the process. It is like a dream come true for our management and owners. We have put ourselves in a great position to enjoy our work and meet new friends daily. We are truly blessed and we love to come to work every day. In fact, most of our employees come in on their days off to see how things are going and to follow up on the needs of any of their friends. Rpm Auto Sales carries only the finest in inventory. We stock vehicles from $2k to $35k so that we have something for everyone no matter what their budget. We have many banks that work with us to obtain the financing that is needed for a friend to buy the car that he or she wants. The banks that we work with appreciate Rpm's dilligence in stocking only the best of the best as far as inventory and has no fear in doing what is necessary to help our friends get the car or truck that they want due to Rpm's quality inventory. So, if you are from Monmouth or Ocean counties, you are only a short drive to visit our facility at 980 Rt 9 in Bayville right off Exit 77 on the Garden State Parkway. If you are farther away, it is always worth the drive or please call us toll free at 732-859-6515 for information about our online services which include delivery right to your door!

    Located at RPM Auto Sales in Bayville, Nj.  Call RPM Auto Sales today at 732-269-1800 for more information about this vehicle.

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    Additional Photos of this Honda Fit

    Honda Fit Sport - Photo 1 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 2 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 3 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 4 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 5 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 6 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 7 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 8 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 9 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 10 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 11 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 12 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 13 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 14 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 15 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 16 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 17 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 18 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 19 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 20 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 21 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 22 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 23 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 24 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 25 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 26 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 27 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 28 (click to enlarge)Honda Fit Sport - Photo 29 (click to enlarge)

    2009 Honda Fit Review

    This car review is specific to this model, not the actual vehicle for sale.
    2009 Honda Fit
    All-new model is a perfect fit.


    The small car is king. Truly, in this time of gas price roller coaster rides, environmental activism and economic uncertainty, people who can make the switch to small and efficient vehicles are doing so, and in droves. This is especially the case when you see and drive the thoroughly new 2009 Honda Fit: there's little by way of sacrifice if you choose Honda's smallest car, from its innovative and upgraded interior to its fun-to-drive character and efficient bottom line. Simply put, the Honda Fit fits what many people actually need from their cars.


    Of course, Honda sees what's going on, and is aggressively trying to stay one step ahead of an ever-growing crowd of competitors like the Nissan Versa, Scion xD and more. To that end, they've kept the Fit fresh, giving it a redo just two years after its debut in North America as a 2007 model.


    Changes for 2009 include a new, more upscale and driver-friendly exterior design and an improved interior with better materials and seats.


    About those seats. When it debuted for the 2007 model year, the Fit immediately become known for its amazingly configurable interior. Called the magic seat, because of the multitude of ways in which the second row could be folded, this feature remains largely unchanged for the 2009 model year, the only difference being the deletion of the 'refresh' mode as one of the possible configurations, and the addition of a secret compartment at the seat bottom.


    Other improvements for 2009 include better performance and slightly more power on the road. Honda's new 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine gives the Fit slightly more horsepower and torque, while upgrades to chassis and suspension components improve the overall ride and handling experience. Of course, larger standard wheels have a little to do with that, as well, but overall the Fit is sized just right for today's fun-minded, economy-required consumer.


    The Fit is fuel efficient, earning an EPA-estimated 27/33 mpg City/Highway. The 1.5-liter engine delivers 117-horsepower at 6600 rpm and 106 pound-feet of torque at 4800 rpm.


    The 2009 Honda Fit comes in two models with three trim variations, Fit, Fit Sport ($16,060), and Fit Sport with Navi ($17,910). The primary differences center around equipment and technology upgrades. The Fit Sport offers one-inch larger wheels, and the Fit Sport with Navi includes satellite navigation and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA).


    The Fit comes with a five-speed manual gearbox ($14,550) or a five-speed automatic ($15,350). Standard features include 15-inch wheels, black side mirrors, telescoping steering wheel, auxiliary input jack for your iPod, MP3/WMA playback and 160-watt stereo with four speakers.


    The Fit Sport ($16,060) upgrades with larger wheels wheels, a sporty front bumper, body-colored side mirrors, keyless entry, leather-wrapped steering wheel, USB connectivity, a driver side armrest and map lights. The Sport comes with a five-speed automatic or five-speed automatic transmission with sport mode and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters ($16,910).


    The Fit Sport with Navi ($17,910) comes with manual transmission or five-speed automatic with paddle shifters ($18,760). The Fit Sport with Navi adds satellite navigation and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA).


    Safety features on all models include front and side airbags and side curtain airbags.


    Though the Fit has always been considered modern, few people considered the outgoing 2008 model stylish. That changes with the 2009 Honda Fit, thanks to a new style that's functional and attractive, with sharply styled headlights, larger front quarter windows and a more aerodynamic front design.


    The improved look makes the Fit arguably the most appealing small car in its class, avoiding some of the quirks found on competitors such as the Scion xD while improving the practical nature of the car, ala more visibility. Additional design changes for 2009 include a wider stance, more aggressive fender flares and sharper character lines along the side.


    Since it debuted in 2007, what's inside the Fit has been perhaps its most talked about feature, in good and bad ways. Case in point: while the seats configure into a multitude of handy ways, the quality of the materials left many wanting.


    For the 2009 model year, Honda has improved critical elements of the interior while leaving the awesome utility of the little car mostly intact. For example, the Fit gets new front seats and sits taller and wider, providing slightly more room for passengers.


    The materials feel more ample and durable, and the center stack layout is among the easiest, most intuitively placed schemes we've seen in some time. The large knobs that control the environment and settings curve around the stereo controls on the driver's side, making the design stylish and easy to reach, though the plastic controls felt a bit thin to the touch.


    Another high point of the new interior are the in-dash cupholders and split glovebox, though both upper and lower boxes are too small to be of much use. Even with all these changes, the best thing about the Fit hasn't changed much: magic seats. No, they won't transport you like George Jetson or Aladdin, but Honda's magic seats do move in a number of ways, from folding flat for utility and up for tall objects. There's even a small storage compartment under the seats for small items.


    Space inside the cabin ranges is almost-spacious in front and adequate in back, especially for a car this size. Surprisingly, the 2009 Fit offers slightly more cargo volume than even the spacious Nissan Versa.


    Comfort-wise, the Fit feels large inside, thanks to its expansive green house and new seats. Visibility from the driver's seat is excellent. The side mirrors are 30 percent larger than those on the outgoing model. The most noticeable difference is up front, where a broader front windshield and close-up seating improve sightlines and feel for the road. Slender roof pillars front and rear minimize blind spots and create a more airy feel to the cabin.


    Driving Impression
    The Fit is fun to drive. For everyday driving it's an obedient and comfortable conveyance, thanks to new seats and suspension changes that smoothed out the previous model's ride.


    While the Fit's power supply is modest, we found driving a model with either the manual transmission or automatic with paddle shifters upped the fun meter by allowing drivers to dip down into the vehicle's torque band when needed.


    Fit delivers an EPA-estimated 27/30 miles per gallon City/Highway, so it's a nice fit between fun-to-drive and frugality.


    Case in point: on twisty corners, the Fit is much more fun, and almost as efficient as the Scion xD or Nissan Versa. Most of the time, the rear of the car nicely follows the front, even under aggressive duress, and with a new electric steering set up that's improved, but still lacks touch, the Fit communicates its intent clearly, if not with authority. We found the Fit to be quite tossable, the kind of car that's easy and predictable under spirited driving, without much wallow or ungainly lean in the corners.


    We found that the clutch and throw play on the manual transmission was easy to manipulate and quite fun to operate.


    Perhaps the most unsettling aspect of driving the Fit is the noise: the engine squeals when you hammer the throttle, whining and moaning its displeasure even during normal driving situations, like accelerating from a stop light. You get a more muted response from the competition.


    The Honda Fit offers a compelling balance of economy, fun, interior convenience and comfort. It offers engineering excellence and value. From a healthy list of standard safety equipment to multiple seat configurations and ample storage room, the Fit simplifies your life. Drawbacks include a noisy and thrashy ride, slightly numb steering and a small (split) glovebox.


    Brian Chee filed this report to NewCarTestDrive.com after his test drive of the Honda Fit models in Southern California.


    Model Lineup
    Honda Fit ($14,550); Honda Fit Sport ($16,060); Honda Fit Sport Navi ($17,910).


    Assembled In
    Suzuka, Japan.


    Options As Tested


    Model Tested
    Honda Fit Sport Navi ($17,910).The Honda Fit distinguishes itself from all other subcompacts with agile handling, zippy performance, and impressive practicality. A four-door hatchback, the Fit is amazingly comfortable, given its dimensions, even in the back seats. The Honda Fit offers five-passenger seating and a unique second-row "Magic Seat" that either folds flat with the cargo floor, or flips up to carry tall items behind the first row of seats. The Honda Fit is available in two trim levels, the base Fit and the Sport, both are powered by a 117-hp 1.5-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine with front-wheel drive and a choice of a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic. Standard safety features include front airbags, front side airbags, side-curtain airbags, four-wheel ABS and electronic brake-force distribution. Electronic vehicle stability control is now optional on the Fit Sport. The Honda Fit is completely redesigned for 2009, which adds more interior space and new standard equipment such as telescoping steering column, active head restraints, dual vanity mirrors and a driver's footrest.

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