Used Truck - 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD in Killeen, Tx

  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 1
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 2
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 3
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 4
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 5
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 6
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 7
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 8
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 9
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 10
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 11
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 12
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 13
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 14
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 15
  • 1994 DODGE RAM 1500 WS REG. CAB 8-FT. BED 2WD  - Photo 16
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    About This 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD
    Vehicle Location:
    Killeen, Tx
    Ram 1500
    WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD
    Exterior Color:
    Interior Color:
    5.2L V8 OHV 16V
    Stock Number:

    Fuel Economy Estimates
    City MPG
    Miles Per Gallon
    Highway MPG
    Combined MPG: 19
    Estimated Monthly Fuel Cost: $117.11*
    *Based on $1.78 per gallon and 15k miles per year.
    Actual costs may vary.
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    Seller's Description and Comments:

    Located at Killeen Auto Brokers in Killeen, Tx.  Call Killeen Auto Brokers today at 254-526-4889 for more information about this vehicle.

    Vehicle Options:

    • Abs Brakes
    • Air Conditioning
    • Cd Player
    • Cruise Control
    • Driver Airbag
    • Full Size Spare Tire
    • Power Windows
    • Removable Top
    • Running Boards
    • Tachometer
    • Tilt Steering
    • Tow Hitch Receiver

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    Additional Photos of this Dodge Ram 1500

    Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 1 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 2 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 3 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 4 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 5 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 6 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 7 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 8 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 9 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 10 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 11 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 12 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 13 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 14 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 15 (click to enlarge)Dodge Ram 1500 WS Reg. Cab 8-ft. Bed 2WD - Photo 16 (click to enlarge)

    1994 Dodge Ram 1500 Review

    This car review is specific to this model, not the actual vehicle for sale.
    1994 Dodge Ram 1500


    For years, full-size pickup shoppers scrutinized Ford, Chevy and occasionally GMC and then said: 'Oh yeah-doesn't Dodge make one too?'


    That's changed-drastically. With its first truly complete pickup redesign in 22 years, Dodge has served notice to customers that its new offering is worthy of switching brands. It's obvious that Dodge was determined to stand out from its full-size Ford, Chevy and GMC competitors. It worked. You've seen the new Dodge Ram's styling before, but never on a pickup.


    The low-profile, stepped-down front fenders and close-to-the-road headlamp, treatment make the new Dodge resemble a big ol' Kenworth or Peterbilt scaled down to the full-size pickup format. Precious it ain't. Different it is.


    There's also an array of muscle choices under the hood that Ford, Chevy and GMC currently can't match. The 5.9-liter 230 horsepower Magnum V8 that propelled our test vehicle had power and torque to spare. Chrysler's tried-and-true 5.2-liter 220-hp V8 won't disappoint either. While there's a difference of only 10 hp, the bigger engine has an impressive increase of 100 pound-feet of torque. Up the line, there's an optional stump-pulling Cummins Diesel six rated at 175 hp and a whopping 420 lb.-ft. of torque and-watch out-a 300-hp V10 based on the Dodge Viper engine, scheduled for availability in 1995. To say this is Dodge's way of making a forceful entry into the full-size pickup fray is a gross understatement.


    The big-rig fender and headlamp treatments on our 1994 Dodge Ram 2500 are only part of the new face that Dodge has put on for the pickup market. The hood angles in gracefully to a distinctive grille set off by touches of honeycomb brass. The massive center-mount chrome front bumper is topped by a black vinyl step pad that integrates with a full width air dam underneath the bumper. Unusual contouring, big chrome side-view mirrors, flush-mounted, vinyl-covered door handles and a surprisingly good fit and finish present themselves in profile. Out back, a chrome step bumper is also protected with black vinyl step pads and has no less than three ball hitch holes in different sizes, each rubber-plugged when not in use.


    The rear drop gate is supported by two steel cables and features a quick-release provision for easy removal.


    The big, 8-foot cargo box offers two tie-down brackets on each wall and a two-tier loading design. It can be illuminated by twin halogen lamps mounted alongside the third taillight atop the rear cab wall. Taillight lenses are flush-mounted and impact-resistant, and they meld with amber wraparound side markers. We just wish Dodge had wrapped them a little farther around the side for even better visibility.


    The interior is another major effort from Dodge to make the new Ram stand out from its full-size competition. Our test Ram 2500 greeted us with smooth instrumental panel contours and sweeping armrests that integrated perfectly with the door and the overall interior design scheme. We see nothing in here that reminds us of the last-generation pickups. While the influence is definitely truck-like, Chrysler designers took their cues from the advanced interior design found in the company's very successful and stylish LH sedans.


    The Ram 2500's instrument cluster is housed beneath a gracefully curved padded dashtop and features a standard circular speedometer and analog oil pressure, fuel, coolant temperature and battery/voltmeter gauges. These are all easily readable through the steering wheel, which also houses an air bag - the first in any full-size pickup.


    There's room for three really big adults up front with only a lap belt for the middle passenger but belts and shoulder harnesses for the driver and far-side passenger. Door-mounted courtesy lights are complemented by an overhead dome light as well as independently operated map lights.


    About the only thing that isn't truly big about this new Ram 2500 is the glove compartment. But that's offset by a huge fold-down center console big enough to store and/or support a laptop computer or fax machine -a real convenience for workers who take the office on the road. There's also a second power receptacle next to the cigarette lighter to power or charge all that exotic equipment. Behind-the-seat storage is adequate and neatly compartmentalized and contains tire-changing equipment.


    The standard seats on our test Ram 2500 were adequately contoured and offered a driver-side adjustable lumbar support that improved comfort some. We recommend one of Dodge's step-up seating options for a truck this nice, however.


    Driving Impression
    Our 1994 Dodge Ram 2500 ST 4x4 was outfitted with four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, a four-speed heavy-duty automatic transmission, shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive, an anti-spin differential and the 5.9-liter electronic fuel injection Dodge Magnum V8 mentioned earlier. Delivering 230 hp at 4000 rpm and 330 lb.-ft. of torque at 3200 rpm, it performed smoothly and impressively in all speed ranges. In a highway passing tryout, it took us from 50 mph to 70 mph-plus in a mere 10 seconds. It's EPA-rated at 11 city/ 15 highway, but that's about what you'd expect from a truck with this much size and power.


    The optional four-wheel drive system offered two speed ranges, each of which engaged quickly and smoothly. Dodge says that there are about 200 different power train options with six engines, six transmissions, 2WD and 4WD choices and 49 front and rear wheel axle ratios.


    Turning and sharp cornering proved a little harsh and unsettling in the 4WD mode. That's more an inherent characteristic of 4WD vehicles and not a flaw in this Dodge pickup's system. Dodge's optional four-wheel anti-lock braking system, however, earned nothing but superlatives, stopping sure, straight and steady every time we applied the pedal. On all road conditions, the Ram 2500 ST delivered a stiff but steady ride, little if any wind noise and sure but less than nimble handling.


    Our Dodge Ram 2500 ST 4x4 also included an AM/FM stereo and air conditioning and carried an MSRP of $21,941. If you're in the market for a big pickup with standalone styling and standout performance, you may come to regard the price as a bona fide bargain. In an attempt to gain ground on Ford and Chevy in the full-size pickup race, Dodge may have moved right up front.


    Its squarish design and traditional mechanical underpinnings tell us that Dodge, for the most part, stopped well short of a redesign when configuring the 1994 Ram Wagon 250. We liked the changes that were made-most notably, a contemporary front-end modification, the addition of optional four-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS) and the incorporation of slightly stiffer shocks to improve the already impressive touring and towing capabilities of this big, traditional van.


    Our '94 Dodge Ram Wagon 250 test vehicle bore an MSRP of $25,102, which included a lengthy and highly recommended list of optional equipment. Among options we liked were a muscular 5.9-liter V8, ABS, a premium AM/FM stereo with a cassette player, a towing package and eight-passenger seating capacity. Our test vehicle also featured optional air conditioning, power assists, a tilt steering wheel, cruise control and some attractive exterior styling touches.


    The eight-passenger touring van configuration is but one possibility of the Ram Wagon 250. With an optional 12-passenger seating arrangement, this van would be ideal transportation for an entire Little League team. Moreover, custom-van outfitters like to use the Ram Wagon 250's long wheelbase and wide stance as a pedestal for crafting their snazzy conversions.


    As far as any dramatic styling updates on our test Ram Wagon 250, the news was all up front. Front fenders were complemented by wraparound light assemblies and a rounded grille. From the front, anyway, this gave the Ram Wagon 250 a more contemporary, aerodynamic look.


    In profile, our Ram Wagon 250 returned to the square-like appearance of its predecessors. All the characteristics of a traditional van were present, including plenty of glass and a high road clearance. The styled steel wheels and chrome/vinyl protective side moldings on our test vehicle nicely punctuated its otherwise slab-sided look.


    The Navy Blue Metallic finish on our test vehicle was easy on the eyes and without flaw. As for overall fit and workmanship, we were disappointed to discover that the grille could be moved a full half-inch by reaching behind and pulling on it. Also, the sliding cargo door on the side required a good deal of muscle to open and close, but we attributed that more to the van's conventional design than to flawed fit or poor workmanship.


    From the rear, there was little to distinguish the Ram Wagon 250 from a traditional work or travel van, with the possible exception of curved wraparound taillight assemblies. Traditional double doors and a hefty, vinyl-covered step bumper, though functional, weren't nearly as exciting as the hydraulic liftgates and curved color-matched rear bumpers found on popular minivans.


    It was a big step up for both driver land passengers when entering the Ram Wagon 250, but we were stepping into a truly roomy, high-riding van. A minimum five inches of head room, not to mention proportionate shoulder- and legroom, for everyone was one benefit of its high-roofed design.


    Visibility was marred only by an undersized rearview mirror and the center pillars of the rear doors, but the big side-view mirrors helped to remedy that problem.


    Seating and overall interior design didn't bear the slightest resemblance to advanced minivans. Rather, the driver and front-seat passenger enjoyed real comfort in moderately contoured bucket seats. Middle seats could face each other to flank a walnut-grained table, or they could be folded down to sleep three kids or two modest-sized adults.


    Gauges were easy to read through the steering wheel, and power window and door lock controls were simple to locate and adjust, as were the stereo and temperature controls. Overhead dome lights for both front-and third-seat occupants completed a conventional but thoughtful interior arrangement.


    Driving Impression
    The Ram Wagon 250 offered plenty of power for touring or towing, a firm but reasonably comfortable ride and a low level of road and wind noise.


    The optional 5.9-liter, fuel-injected V8, teamed with a four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, delivered ample response from a standing start and reassuring performance in highway passing simulations from 50 to 70 mph and beyond. There was a little lag when we first put the pedal to the floor, but anyone shopping for a van of this breed isn't likely to insist on drag-strip starts.


    We gave three cheers to the Chrysler engineers who equipped the Ram Wagon 250 with optional four-wheel ABS (2-wheel ABS is standard) and slightly beefier shocks. Braking, cornering and a trip down a rut-filled alley were, for the most part, pleasant test experiences. Braking was straight and sure, with the exception of a seemingly endless glide over a stretch of icy pavement. We noticed comparatively little lean when cornering, and the shocks and the sheer size of the vehicle came close to isolating us from road bumps.


    Steering and parking were surprisingly easy for a van of this size. We negotiated a 180-degree turn with an easy turn-and-a-half of the wheel.


    With EPA ratings of 12 city and 16 highway, this van would not be a good choice for fuel conservationists or the budget-minded. An optional 35-galIon tank could provide peace of mind with this vehicle that packs all the punch necessary to transport lots of people and cargo.


    While not a study in aerodynamic styling or advanced interior ergonomics, the Dodge Ram Wagon 250 delivered all of the desired attributes for a vehicle of its size and price. Equipped as our test vehicle was, the new Ram Wagon 250 would carry comfortably a group of eight on a trip of any length. And if you must tow a big boat or trailer behind, this van is more than up to the challenge.


    We think you'll find the Ram Wagon 250's front-end treatment more pleasing and contemporary than some, if not all, of its competitors. As a big, roomy van, or as an ideal model for custom-van design, it's worth a look and worth its asking price.

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